It's Naty, I'm an adventurous couple photographer based in the Italian Dolomites - South Tyrol.

I love travelling, making new friends, being in nature and capturing moments, feelings and the beauty of people’s emotions.
I also love looking at photos and getting carried back in time, feeling the same emotions again and reliving the time I was there; that’s what I want You to experience too when you'll look back at your pictures.

When I was a little girl I had a small camera that I used all the time taking pictures of everything; from insects to landscapes, friends and recording every single step at school trips.
Slowly photography became my way to translate life stories and experiences into visual poetry, mostly when I started traveling in 2013 and studying all the technical and creative stuff behind this wonderful art. Freezing moments and capturing scenes forever, making time stop and immortalise candid unposed life emotions.

Every photograph is like a ticket to travel back in time to our deepest memories. Pure magic!


• Photographing love
• The amazing people in my life
• Dogs (my secret dream is to open a shelter and save all the animals of the world)
• Our planet with it's breathtaking sceneries (and that’s why I try to live as sustainable as possible “reuse, reduce, recycle, repair")
• DIY; I admit sometimes I would need more patience LOL
• Plants;
• Inventing new recipes and lots of different healthy veggie dishes
• Spending time in nature and hiking
• Chocolaaaaateeee, pop corn, watermelon aaaaand the list could go on forever


• I always sleep with socks, yeah, even in summer
• I’m afraid of fishes, so if you see someone at the beach screaming and running out of the water, that must be me running away from the fishes
• I can’t wear jeans, as much as I like them and love how they look, I live in my leggings or shorts, it’s like staying in a pijama all day! Yayyyy
• I see faces everywhere (such a creep!)
• When I eat a lot I get a “food baby” belly and when I’m full I always get hiccups
• I have the weirdest allergies: beer, oranges, ginger, pineapple and chilli
• I have to pet every dog I see


• English
• Italian
• German
• Portuguese
• Spanish

Naty Lizzy's Photograph


Italy, Austria, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Norway

Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia,

Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia

What others say about me

Dylan & Rachel

A gifted photographer is able to tell a thousand stories with her pictures, but Naty did so much more than that. Apart from capturing our emotions and special memories, she provided us with warm companionship and free-flowing conversations while we hiked for miles (at 6.30am!!) looking for good photo spots.
We were so blown away by the photos she sent us. When we shared the photos with our family and friends, it felt like they were there with us to watch the sunrise in the Dolomites and witness our special moments, because of the way Naty had captured the landscape and our expressions in her photos. Naty is truly an awesome photographer and we would highly recommend her for a photoshoot in the Dolomites! ♡



Naty's work is stunning! She is a professional but she is also a natural with people. We did a photoshoot of our honeymoon and after few minutes we felt like we've known her since forever. Her communication skills are just as great as her artistic skills. We got our photos very soon in a personalised gallery and they all show how we feel about each other which is sometimes difficult to capture. I hope that we will get back to Dolomites to do another photoshoot in the future.♡

two women sitting on a bench in the snow.

Sapir & Karina

Wow wow our dear and beloved Naty!
We have no words to express how thrilled we are with our photos, we couldn't ask or imagine anything better than this!
These are moments that will always be with us and we will not forget, thanks to you ♡
The pictures and photos are more than perfect, you are a rare find ♡
We are so glad to have met you!
You entered our hearts deeply, we love you! ♡


Ella & Kain

The whole experience with Naty was amazing. She is so lovely and her recommendation for the location was better than we could have imagined. The photos were stunning! Would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to get couple photos done. ♡


Hailey & Jason

I strongly recommend Naty if you are looking for a professional photographer around Dolomites area. She is very kind, and always trying to help you. It was my first time visiting the Dolomites so we had an online meeting before the photoshooting so that I could get an idea of the area.
Naty was on time on the day of photoshooting, and we spent 2 hours just being us! We laughed so much and had so much fun during the shooting.
Also she was very enthusiastic when we did the photos hooting and I am 1000% satisfied with the result! ♡ Thank you so much for the memories and I am definitely going back to the Dolomites and do the shooting again someday! :)


Daniel & Oksana

I am still lost for words at our surprise engagement proposal photos taken by Naty! Thank you so much for capturing our moment. I cannot recommend Naty highly enough. I found Naty on Google and was instantly impressed with her shots per her website. I contacted her two months before to plan a surprise proposal engagement photoshoot and from the minute I met her over Zoom call, I knew this plan would come together! Planning this here from the UK, I was a little concerned at whether this would all come together on the day, however Naty was so reassuring about everything. (...)
On the surprise day itself, Naty caught our moment perfectly and spent the best part of a couple of hours taking shots of us around the area with the stunning Dolomites backdrop. She made it great fun, let us enjoy being in the moment together and overall made for a superb photoshoot that we will remember forever.
If you're wanting a stunning photoshoot in the Dolomites, look no further than Naty Lizzy! :D


Anna-Sophie & Marco

I can only recommend a photo shoot with Naty!
Friendly, open, kind and we felt incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. The work speaks for itself - full of light, very natural, lovingly photographed and edited. Naty puts a lot of work, time and patience into photography and this is reflected in her work. She had lots of ideas and assignments for us, so we didn't feel like we were being watched at all.

We are definitely looking forward to more great shoots together and wish her all the best for her future photographic and private career! ♡


Maria & Tor

Naty is an amazing photographer who makes you feel very comfortable. She is great at communicating and gave me a thourough insight in alternative shoot-locations on Zoom before we met physically in the Dolomites. Super friendly and has great ideas for poses that makes you feel natural and at ease. She is amazingly talented with the camera, and is able to capture beauty and magic no matter the conditions. I'm blown away by her talent and friendliness, all while being very professional from even before the point of booking to finished result. I can't recommend her enough, and would give 10 stars if possible. If you want to be yourself, feel comfortable and get amazing photos, you don't have to look any further.
Thank you for a great experience and excellent photos, Naty! ♡

beautiful algarve couple photo shoot. the man is hugging the woman and whispering something in her ear

Angelica & Giacomo

The best photographer I've ever known, who does this job out of passion and love. Thank you Natasha for immortalising our special moments forever, it means a lot to us. An immense joy to be able to relive those moments through your wonderful shots. Thank you ♡


Amanda & Wei

We’ve just viewed the gallery together. WE LOVE IT, THANK YOUU!! The photos are soooo beautiful!!!
Thanks for making our first photoshoot such a comfortable and chill experience, and for capturing our happy memories in the Dolomites!! ♡

professional photographer algarve. couple lookiing at each other with the blue water in the background

Joe & Tita

What to say about this professional who immortalised our first photo shoot in paradise?
Simply incredible! We fall in love with our photos every day. We really like her work, the person and the way the shooting was conducted. The images turned out amazing and beautiful, as Naty managed to capture the best angles and moments. She is charismatic, spontaneous and fun photographer! No words to describe how satisfying it is for us. 100% recommend! ♡


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